Monday, 23 November 2009

new commission "Jack's Day"

We've just finished this painting in commission of a collection of Jack Vettriano style motifs compiled in one beach scene called "Jack's Day".  It measures 150 x 30 cm and is oil on canvas.  Clients were happy ^_^ Here is more art that we've made in commission.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Paper art

Petra is a fellow artist who shares my passion for paper. We try and work together a couple of times a year to share inspiration and ideas.


Felt objects from Elis Vermeulen. We met on an art market in Middelburg during the summer. She arrived with all her art and wool on her bike!

Dances with paper

These 2 collages are made using paper made from asparagus! The black line is also paper pulp. The collage on the right includes peace origami cranes. More collages.

Paper web made from recycled paper

I made this from paper pulp... it's about 30cm in diameter and 8cm high, and shaped like a shallow dish. Here are more paper collages and creations.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Paris wall painting

A video showing the making of a commission of Paris. It took 60 hours...

fruit and veg papyrus

These are vegetable papyrus made in a similar way to Egyptian papyrus. I made the first with olive leaves from Crete, the second with star fruit and the third with peppers.
I have also made papyrus from strawberries, kiwis, carrots, beetroot and cucumber. They're like stained glass if a light shines from behind!