Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Taking a break in India

atelier28 had a little break over Christmas and the New Year and here are some highlights of what I've been up to. A few weeks in India. I arrived in Delhi just after boxing day and after one night's rest, took the not so express Mahabodhi Express train to Gaya arriving, eventually, 13 hours late. The journey itself was pleasant enough with lots of great, cheap, spicy chai tea. However, we were glad to finally arrive at our guest house in Bodhgaya, the place where the Buddha became enlightened.
The guest house had a great little restaurant on the rooftop run by a Tibetan family.
The Dalai Lama was in town, along with Richard Gere too, so there were many visitors from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, China, and many other tradionally Buddhist and non Buddhist countries. Meeting people from these different cultures was a real highlight for me. I particularly enjoyed seeing their beautiful clothes.
 This was opposite our guest on the roof top...
This small town was full to the brim. Here, the monks were in a procession to a teaching with the Dalai Lama. And below are a few impressions of the area...
This was a beautiful spot under the Bodhi Tree marking the place where the Buddha is said to have become enlightened. The sun was dancing through the leaves of the Bodhi Tree...a very special atmosphere.
This was a typical street scene. Note the man up the electricity pylon fixing it! 
On my return, whilst waiting at Delhi Airport, there was live music in one of the shops. A Japanese spectator decided to join in with the most amazing dancing. She was a real hit with the musicians and staff!