Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Anne and the tulips in Bruge: new etchings from the etching classes

It's been a while since I posted some etchings from our classes, so here are few from last weeks workshop. The tulips above are the first dry point print from our newest member, Mieke, after one lesson. I love their simplicity and movement. Below is another dry point, from Tinneke, of Bruge, based on an etching by Roodenburg. 
And lastly an etching, made on copper with an aquatint, of Anne Frank by Alexander. These last two are works in progress...I know the artists are still working on the plates and printing processes to improve the result... but looking good!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

flowers, cats, a cuddly dog and a pouf: new paintings from the art classes

This week I've really enjoyed seeing how the watercolour artists on our classes art work has developed. This first piece is from Janny from our Friday morning class. She was inspired by a photo and wanted to try something with a limited palet of colours. The photo itself was very delicate in terms of colour use and this isn't easy to translate into a watercolour, but I like the way she's let the white from the paper frame the scene, and I just love that little dog! 
The real art of working with watercolour is knowing when to stop and that was Cees' challenge, the artist of this charming kitty cat.
And now for the flowers. Above is a watercolour from Karin. I think she's managed to balance both the simplicity of the colours used as well as the contrast of deep colours and the white of the paper. Below is an acrylic painting from Yvonne who's only had 3 lessons with us! I really enjoyed watching this one unfold before my eyes today. 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Cini the cat: screenprint made on our recycled handmade paper

I checked my tweets today to discover this joyful artwork! A while ago I made a batch of handmade paper for Pini Piru based in Hoorn, the Netherlands, from recycling offcuts from our etchings and old telephone books. They specialise in screenprinting and have made this beautiful limited edition of "Cini the cat", a design made by Kaylee Wu aged 7. So cute and great to see my paper used like this!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

first prize artists' choice on exto 2nd week running

Francesco's tulip painting won exto's artwork of the week for the second consecutive time! It was chosen from more than 100 paintings and was the first choice of artists on exto.

the week of amateur art in Tholen (week van de amateurkunst)

Across Zeeland this week is 'de week van de amateurkunst' (week of amateur art) and everyone is welcome to come and visit us and see what we're upto. On Saturday the etchers and painters from the art classes were busy... above are some photos of the process of making an etching, from the engraving on the plate to the inking in and printing of the etching...
...and painters working on their artwork...
...and not forgetting the homemade chocolate cake! 
We're open Tuesday to Friday from 14.00-17.00 and next Saturday the class participants will be busy again between 12.00 and 16.00. Come and say 'hello'!

Friday, 13 May 2011

the lady and the rose: new etchings and paintings from the classes

This beautiful rose was made by Johanna who's been participating in our art classes for several years. Inspired by a post card, it was a challenge for her to see whether she could represent the wood grain with acrylic paint and the intricate pattern of petals in the rose. I enjoyed watching the painting progress.
And here are a couple of etchings from the dedicated etching club. (Above: from Alexander and below: from Maike.)  Both have been made by etching on a copper plate and have then been treated with an aquatint.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

wall painting of love and colour

Today I went to see a wall painting made by Karin who has attended our art classes for the last few years. She was asked to make it where she works at Le Sejour here in Tholen to symbolise the welcoming and supportive atmosphere that they wish to create. A bit of love and colour for the world!

Monday, 9 May 2011

new paintings: harbour towns and holidays

I love little towns filled with houses perched on the edge of a harbour or the sea. Washing or flags suspended between the architecture... and boats bobbing around on the water. I like to look on and imagine the lives of the people living there. These are my newest watercolours which I hope capture the character of these special places.

tulips from Amsterdam II - new paintings (nieuwe schilderijen)

Several weeks ago we featured 2 new tulip paintings that Francesco had made. Well, the first one won exto's artwork of the week last week! It was the artists' choice from 133 paintings. These are 3 other paintings that he's made recently, all of which are 60 x 60cm.

Monday, 2 May 2011

the art trail in Tholen on Queen's Day (Kunstroute in Tholen)

This year was our 9th Kunstroute (art trail) in Tholen. A bit of an anniversary really since atelier28 opened her door exactly 8 years ago!! We displayed work from all the art classes (above and below): arcylic, oil, watercolour and etchings. 
My newest oil paintings of scenes from Zeeland were exhibited alongside the traditional clothing of Zeeland. 
The theme of the trail this year was 'art through the ages' and part of the opening ceremony featured 4 locals (2 men and 2 women) wearing the traditional dress for Tholen. It was a happy coicidence that I had the outfit on display too with the paintings! I'm so glad I've now finally seen the Tholen costume... 
I also demonstrated how etchings are made over the course of the 2 days which was warmly received. 
I'm glad too that I've finally met Annemiek Hamelink from Two Trees, a fellow etsian with roots here in Zeeland, who had, along with porcelain artwork, a beautiful collection of contemporary jewellery featuring traditional designs from Zeeland.