Saturday, 26 March 2011

new paintings from the art classes

These are a selection of recent paintings from the art classes.  Above is an acrylic painting by Marianne. It was one of those paintings that just seemed to take shape before your eyes. The background is simple but gives good depth and contrast to the hog, likewise the one flower bud in the front completes the effect. Below is a landscape from Gommert. I love the way he painted the grasses at the front and the boat. The depth in this painting is created by the cool colours used on the distant mountains. 
This is a wonderfully delicate watercolour from Coby.  The stems in the vases full of water make it really magical.

frontpage on etsy

This week one of my etchings was on the frontpage of etsy! I thought this was a lovely treasury to share because it includes a selection of etchings printed in the traditional black and white:

'A blacker shade of grey' by TabulaArte

Black is the traditional color in printmaking. Like in photography black gives depth which one can't find in colors. There is a very good selection of etchings in Etsy, here are a few.

original etching of...

Black Swan Hand Pul...

Phalanx - Original ...

And I Can See Russi...

Original Aquatint E...

Raven (black bird, ...

Original silk aquat...


Beard Tie - etching

Aquatint of Kiwi bi...

Summer Time (origin...

Parrot Bird Etching...

Jeff - hand-pulled ...

Treasury Item Spiro...

The Walk - Second S...

Bumble Bee Etching ...

Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

Friday, 18 March 2011

new paintings and etchings

So...this is the result of this and last weeks creative efforts! A series of oil paintings all 20 x might recognise this one from last week's photos:

And now for the etchings:

And a series of mini panoramic dreamy, misty watercolour landscapes (19 x 4.5cm)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

why I love Zeeland:

These are a few picture's that I took on the coast of Zeeland (Schouwen-Duiveland and Walcheren), Netherlands, over the last couple of weeks.  It remains an inspiration:

a seagull, a fox and a duck - new paintings from the art classes

You can almost hear this chap squarking for food! Marloes from our art classes has been working on this acrylic painting for the last few weeks. I think the structure that she used on the background with a palet knife works well in contrast with the gull.  She spent a lot of time getting the different shades of white on his breast just right. 
No ducks were hurt during the making of this painting! This acrylic painting is quite large (80cm x 1m, I think) which gives the subject good space. Marianne paid extra attention to the colour of the fox's coat and eyes. I particularly like the way she made the background by 'dabbing' the brush with different tints bringing light into the painting. The duck gets away unscathed, promise!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

new watercolour paintings of cats and dragonflies

These are 2 of a group of watercolours that I've been working on this week. Don't cats look particularly cuddly when they're sleeping on their heads?! 
This rather meditative dragonfly was inspired by a photo that I saw on etsy from Jetty Kolobaric. I've been facinated by dragonflies and butterflies lately.  Their delicate structure and beautiful colours. The promise of spring in the air I think! 

Monday, 7 March 2011

new watercolour painting made in commission

Francesco's been working on this watercolour in commission, for the last few weeks, of the church in Sint Philipsland.  It's a beautiful 17th century church (that survived the great flood of 1953 when the sea reached the roof tops). It   measures 30 x 40 cm.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

I thought I saw a puddy tat...I did, I did!!

Two new paintings of dozy kitty cats...zzzz...
They are both oil paintings on small canvases 20 x 20cm.  I plan to make a whole series, so watch this space! 

Friday, 4 March 2011

birdies from handmade paper

A couple of weeks ago I received the papers from a paper swap that I took part in with the Etsy papermakers (which can be seen here). I promised I would be using the papers...well here are the results! Little birdies for spring! The 3 above were made from paper from (left to right) Pulpa, Little Sistah Studio, and blue denim pulp from Elena Siff.
These 3 little guys were from milkweed paper from Evie Powers, recycled magasines from White Dragon Paper and paper with tea and roses from Surf Bunny. I made a few from fabric scraps too while I was at it: 

2 new watercolours of a butterfly and dragonfly

These are two recent watercolours. I fancied making something with the colour orange as I long for spring!