Sunday, 20 February 2011

paper swap with etsy's papermakers

I recently took part in a paper swap with a team of papermakers on etsy.  I sent off about 20 sheets of paper I'd made from recycling etching off cuts, telephone books and tulip petals. What I received yesterday was an envelope of treasure to a papermaker. 
The pack included paper from  milkweed, moving boxes & autumn leaves, blue jeans, abaca, cotton linters, paper with red clover inclusions, paper with shredded money, and paper with tea & rose petals. This one below from Linda McCausland is abaca with eel grass inclusions and is beautifully transparent...
...and this one below from Judy Funk I can plant! I'm not sure what the bird is though? At the moment I just keep studying them all and enjoying how they feel (this is maybe only something a papermaker can understand!), but I hope to use them. Watch this space... 
Thanks to everyone who shared their talent! And a special thanks to Elena Siff for arranging it all!


  1. So pleased you wrote about our swap was a wonderful one this year! I will make a book with all my new marvelous papers! Elena

  2. It was great that you initiated it! I'm already collecting stamps for you, if we do another one :D I look forward to seeing the book. Andrea