Friday, 25 February 2011

new paintings from the art class (nieuw schilderijen van deelnemers cursussen)

This week's featured artists are Frank and Martine from the advanced class! The mototcyclists above are from Frank and were painted with acrylic on a canvas measuring 1 x 1.2m. From the beginning the painting conveyed energy and movement.  Frank is himself a motorcyclist so he had a good feeling for the subject. It's impressive to see them on a canvas of this size!

Martine made this oil painting of two sheep. She cleverly set it up by painting the whole canvas with red, a kind of deep, pinky red.  Then, when she covered this with the dark blue/brown/black background, the warmth of the red still showed through.  The striking thing about this painting is of course the contrasts.  The horns are well defined against the dark background.  

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