About Us

atelier28 is the studio and art gallery of artists Andrea Cook and Francesco Antonietti in Tholen, Netherlands. The studio is specialised in making art in commission in various techniques: etchings, watercolours, oil & acrylic paintings, pen & ink drawings and collage. Atelier28 also organises courses in drawing, watercolour, acrylic / oil painting and  etching.
Andrea Cook is originally from England where she studied Architecture at the University of Sheffield and enjoyed the marriage of the technical and artistic aspects.

In her paintings and etchings she is inspired by the power of simplicity and the play of colour. Coastal scenes and nature often feature in her work.
Besides making etchings and paintings, she is fascinated by paper and the process of making it. She makes paper from recycling waste paper and from plant pulps (such as rhubarb, apple and even banana skins). Her enjoyment also lies in the discovery of unexpected harmonies with simple materials.  She has written a booklet outlining the basic techniques in the art of papermaking.
To see a broader portfolio see: www.andreacook.com
Francesco Antonietti studied Art History at the Eindhoven Academy. Since 1976 he has worked extensively with etching, where he is enchanted by the combination of technical and artistic aspects.  Etching is a very labour intensive art where many things can go wrong, but that is also its charm.  Until now he has made 160 different etchings often in commission for companies (including Holland Village Nagasaki, HTM Den Haag, councils of Tholen, Huizen and Noordwijkerhout)

Characteristic for his work is his feeling for fine details which can also be seen in his watercolours, oil/acrylic paintings and pastels.  He also gives courses in all of these techniques.
To see a broader portfolio see: www.antonietti.nl