Sunday, 20 February 2011

piece of cake: ginger cake in the Kunstcentrum (art centre)

On Saturdays we open the art centre in the afternoon so that people who attend our classes during the week can have a bit of extra time to work on their art.  It's not really a class, but Francesco and I are around to give tips and advice. Anyway, I like to create a welcoming atmosphere which includes cake! This is one of my favourites: ginger cake, and I found a great recipe for 'easy peasy ginger cake' which is what it says it is, easy peasy. I used golden syrup instead of treacle, because I've got no idea where to get treacle here in the Netherlands, but it's so tasty it never lasts a day!


  1. I saw your note on Elis' blog and came to your (lovely, BTW) blog with hopes of getting your cake recipe. it is!! (But seeing as our shops carry neither treacle, nor golden syrup, I wonder what MY substitution would be?) Giggle.

  2. LOL!! Hello Heather :D Elis makes cool things, huh! I think any kind of sugar syrup would work or honey even. Where do you live? I love felting too, though am not crazy about water everywhere! Papermaking's just the same :-)