Sunday, 13 March 2011

a seagull, a fox and a duck - new paintings from the art classes

You can almost hear this chap squarking for food! Marloes from our art classes has been working on this acrylic painting for the last few weeks. I think the structure that she used on the background with a palet knife works well in contrast with the gull.  She spent a lot of time getting the different shades of white on his breast just right. 
No ducks were hurt during the making of this painting! This acrylic painting is quite large (80cm x 1m, I think) which gives the subject good space. Marianne paid extra attention to the colour of the fox's coat and eyes. I particularly like the way she made the background by 'dabbing' the brush with different tints bringing light into the painting. The duck gets away unscathed, promise!

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