Saturday, 28 May 2011

flowers, cats, a cuddly dog and a pouf: new paintings from the art classes

This week I've really enjoyed seeing how the watercolour artists on our classes art work has developed. This first piece is from Janny from our Friday morning class. She was inspired by a photo and wanted to try something with a limited palet of colours. The photo itself was very delicate in terms of colour use and this isn't easy to translate into a watercolour, but I like the way she's let the white from the paper frame the scene, and I just love that little dog! 
The real art of working with watercolour is knowing when to stop and that was Cees' challenge, the artist of this charming kitty cat.
And now for the flowers. Above is a watercolour from Karin. I think she's managed to balance both the simplicity of the colours used as well as the contrast of deep colours and the white of the paper. Below is an acrylic painting from Yvonne who's only had 3 lessons with us! I really enjoyed watching this one unfold before my eyes today. 


  1. Wat een natuurtalent voor iemand die nog maar 3 lessen heeft gevolgd! SCHITTEREND