Tuesday, 3 July 2012

clogs and ice cream

The sun was shining today and it's feeling more like summer. The art market season has begun for us and we've just returned from the first historical market in Veere, here in Zeeland (Netherlands). The etching press was packed too along with the clogs and we were demonstrating how etchings are printed most of the day. 
It's a market full of people wearing the local costume and displaying traditional crafts such as basket weaving, wool spinning, rope making etc, and selling local produce. 
Zeeland is made up of several islands joined together with dikes, dams and tunnels and the costume varies in the various regions. The main difference is the design of the cap and the top.

We'll be there every Tuesday in July and August. Come and say 'hello' if you are in the neighbourhood!


  1. Lovely pictures ! Are you the girl in the 1st picture ?

    1. the 1st and 2nd (my feet are in the clogs :-) )