Saturday, 21 November 2015

Beach paintings, feather etchings and peanut butter cinnamon swirls

We've been busy this last week redesigning the exhibition in our gallery. The beach and sea paintings fit really well with the wood panelling. 
 My new business cards arrived as well....they're so cute....

I've recently added a few new etchings to my Etsy store: this larger etching above of a group of ladies wearing the traditional outfit for one of the islands in our area. I used dry point, aquatint and vernis mou on this etching. These are all techniques that give the piece the different textures.
And these 3 feather etchings were new additions to my store this week.
And lastly, on Saturdays, for the etching workshop and open studio, I make a cake. This week's was this scrummy peanut butter and cinnamon it was delicious! Not a crumb over......

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