Sunday, 24 July 2011

colourful landscapes, Erasmus and an iris: paintings and etchings from the art classes

A couple of months ago I shared some art work from our art classes and in particular work from Yvonne who's now completed her first 8 week course with us. Above are her latest pieces. Both measure 80 x 100cm and exude colour. She used a natural sponge to add texture, especially in the trees. They are a joy to look at...
These are etchings from the etching class. Above is an etching from Alexander of Erasmus. After the line etching was made, the plate was treated with an aquatint, covered with a spirit varnish and placed in the salt bath for varrying dregrees of time to accentuate the hat and keep the face clear. The great thing about that contrast is that when etching ink is applied, it's also possible to add different coloured inks (as can be seen in the image top left). However, even with one colour the depth is still visible. Below is an etching from Adri that I really enjoy printed with blue etching ink. A little bit like Delft blue...?


  1. Hello, I am wondering if as a humanities scholar you would mind if I put a miniature colored version of your four-panel Erasmus piece onto my stationery and business cards. I really like your treatment of the image. I am a humanities professor at Bismarck State College. Thanks 701-202-6751

    1. Thank you for your enquiry. I've asked the maker and he's happy for you to use these images. Best wishes.