Saturday, 18 February 2012

mmmm cake

A week or so ago I saw a photo posted on facebook of cake made in the shape of Lego. It was a sponge cake covered in brightly colored icing. Well I fancied having a go...but instead made a chocolate cake, and covered part of the cake in white icing. The little cupcakes above were trimmed with a round biscuit cutter and 'glued' onto a square cake with jam. It was pretty tasty! 


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    1. It was delicious, thanks Jenny! I made it for a friend for her birthday because her and her son are Lego mad :-P

      I see you got your links working again on Facebook, did you do anything? A few friends have let me know that there's have been doing the same thing the last few days too...and one said their's self fixed. I hope mine sorts itself out soon too! All the best, Andrea