Friday, 2 March 2012

light on other worlds: new paintings

Sometimes it's refreshing to step outside our 'normal world' and experience something different. When I go to the swimming pool and plunge beneath the surface, it's a silent muffled world, where the body can drift and slow down...well that's what I wanted to explore in this painting (20 x 20 cm oil on canvas).  I love the way light dances in swimming pools. 
In January I visited India which also felt like another world, another pace. This was inspired by a photo my travelling companion made of the Taj Mahal. A door to another world...and again light plays a key part (18 x 24 cm oil on canvas)

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  1. Hi Andrea and Francesco, just stopping by to say "hi". Also wanted to share with you that I have not solved my Facebook/Blogger preview problem. What I do now is post a picture on my wall and include a link to the blog. Not ideal but that's my work around until "they" fix it. Have a nice day!